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Miss Ellis Jeffreys is an actress who has come to the very front rank with a considerable rush in the past few years, and has now achieved that pitch of popularity where one hears a certain type of theatrical character spoken of as “an Ellis Jeffrey’s part.” Miss Jeffreys made her start in comic opera in parts which did not require any vast amount of intellectual endeavour, and gradually worked her way into comedy parts – at first small, then larger and larger, till she has become just about the best light comedienne on the Stage to-day. Sleath-Skelton, and her husband, who is also on the Stage, and acts as Mr.

Like all good comedians she has the gift of pathos, and when it has been required has very clearly demonstrated its possession. Herbert Sleath, is a member of a well-known Brighton family.

Her real name is Minnie Gertrude Ellis Curzon, and her husband is the Hon Frederick Graham Curzon, a son of the late Earl Howe. Counsel stated that the petitioner made every effort consistent with her professional position and peace of mind to prevent the matter going thus far.

The bride was picturesquely dressed in grey chiffon, with a graceful pleated skirt, the bodice made with wide tucks and draped with Brussels lace, and wore a ‘picture’ hat of grey velvet, with grey Brussels net veil, the floating end of which reached to her shoulder, set sail for the lights of Broadway. In an interview later that year, Ellis explained that they had both been so busy with their respective acting careers that it was impossible to have more than a couple of days away from the demands of the stage.He was very violent about this, but apologised when he found it was “My dear May”. He used very bad language, and made suggestions to her of an offensive kind. 13, 1902, the respondent wrote: “I will mend my ways. I was due at the theatre, so I opened the window and called to a cabman.Mrs Curzon found evidences of infidelity, and a solicitor was consulted. Then he let me go, and somehow or other I just got through my part at the theatre that night.”Had Ellis not had money and connections, it might not have been so easy for her to divorce her bad-tempered aristocrat.published by the British Council, in which he offered a number of compelling scenarios for how English as a world language might develop.Most notably, he pointed out that native speakers of English are or will soon be outnumbered by those who speak English as a second or foreign language. Click here for more details The Eurotales Conference of International Language Museums, February, 2017: The people behind 10 language museums met in the splendour of the restored chapel of San Jacopo at the Istituto Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, to share experiences on...

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